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                1.Q: I don??t know the different of 3528SMD and 5050 SMD, please tell me

                A: 3528 and 5050 both the size of SMD: 3528=3.5mm*2.8mm, 5050 = 5.0mm*5.0mm
                3528 have only one chip, but 5050 have three chips, so the 5050 SMD is more brightness than 3528SMD.

                2.Q: If I want put 50 meters strip in one controller, how should I do it?

                A: For the LED strip are all work in the low Voltage, so if connect too long, it will have voltage reduce, and have low brightness in the end of strip! For solving this, we need put one amplifier for each 5 meters, to keep all the LEDs same brightness! So 50 meters need 9 amplifiers!

                3.Q: One piece 3528 SMD = 8LM, so 60LEDs 3528 strip can be reach 480LM/m?

                A: Sorry , if you test one piece SMD , it ??s can be reach 8LM , but if we put them in one PCB board , cancellation of light will be happen , so can not count like this , usually about 300LM/m !

                4.Q: Same size SMD has different brightness, why?

                A: Yes, you are right, because the brightness depend on the chip and work technology! Same brand chip also have different size, more bigly the size, more brightness! For 3528 SMD, we have 12*12(normal brightness) and 10*23(high brightness).

                5.Q: 120LEDs/m 3528 strip and 60LEDs/m 5050 strip, which one is better?

                A: Actually, for this, 3528 120LEDs/m, 14mm wide PCB, 5050 60LEDs/m 10mm wide, so you need think about the installation situation and 3528 120LEDs/m still can meet the brightness of 5050 60LEDs/m! 

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